The Ministry

The government program presented by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel to the Chamber of Deputies on the 11th December 2018, reflects the government's desire to place digitalisation at the center of its concerns.

As a result a Ministry for Digitalisation was created for the first time in its history and is headed by the Prime Minister and Minister for Digitalisation, Xavier Bettel, and the Minister Delegate for Digitalisation, Marc Hansen.

In his statement to the Chamber of Deputies, Xavier Bettel declared: "If we have created a new ministry, it is not only to advance the overall technological development in the areas important to our economy and develop new strategies for our country to move forward, but also to improve our daily lives and the various administrative processes. A major part of the activities of the Ministry for Digitalisation is to make people's life easier."

After his meeting with the Commission for Digitalisation, Media and Communications of the Chamber of Deputies, Marc Hansen, for his part, stated his willingness to make the ministry a "facilitator" and a coordinator for ministries and other partners wishing to develop their activities in the digital field.

The remit of the Ministry for Digitalisation was defined by the Grand-Ducal Decree establishing the ministries.

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