VR Dubai 2020

The Luxembourg pavilion as if you were there!

So here we go! The Ministry for Digitalisation invites you to discover the Luxembourg pavilion of the Dubai World Expo through virtual reality, without having to take a long trip.

We are bringing an oriental flair to Luxembourg and take you on a journey thanks to our stand where you may take a seat and put on a virtual reality headset to live an immersive experience within the Luxembourg pavilion in Dubai.

This project by the Ministry for Digitalisation aims to facilitate access, reduce physical barriers and connect you virtually to this global event, so that you can benefit from the advantages offered to you by means of new technologies!

The stand of the Ministry for Digitalisation will be traveling across Luxembourg’s various regions from November 10, 2021 to April, 2022. This decentralized initiative aims to guarantee access to all citizens who wish to live the unique experience of visiting the Luxembourg Pavilion in Dubai in Luxembourg through virtual reality.

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Check the dates below to see when our stand will drop by you!

New dates may be added to the schedule, as municipalities wishing to host the virtual pavilion on their territory from January to April 2022 can still introduce a request.

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

10-19 November 2021

Nordstrooss Shopping Mile Marnach

20 November 2021

Shopping Center Massen

21 November 2021

La Belle Etoile

26-28 November 2021

Knauf Shopping Center Pommerloch

3-5 December 2021

Belval Plaza Shopping Center

10-11 December 2021

Kirchberg Shopping Center

14-15 January 2022

Copal Grevenmacher

28-29 January 2022

Topaze Shopping Center

25-26 February 2022

City Concorde

4-5 March 2022

Galerie Simoncini

18-25 March 2022

A few words about virtual reality

Virtual reality facilitates access to this unique exhibition and thus ensures digital inclusion, which is one of the key missions of the Ministry for Digitalisation.

Virtual reality is a technology, which allows a person to be immersed in an artificial world created digitally or filmed with special cameras. In this case, it is a reproduction of the real world, namely the interior of the Luxembourg pavilion in Dubai.

Practical arrangements

The virtual visit will be carried out in compliance with the sanitary measures in force. The equipment will be fully cleaned using the latest "Cleanbox" technology. The Cleanbox disinfects and eradicates bacteria, viruses and fungi thanks to its ultra-violet process.

Before settling in, a team will explain how the virtual reality headset works and give you some practical information.

The immersive experience is free and can last up to 15 minutes.

This immersion happens by means of a virtual reality headset which places a stereoscopic 3D display system in front of the eyes. Sensors that detect head movements allow the user to look around and discover an audio-visual world that completely surrounds him/her.


Precautions to take into account

  • For health reasons, the use of virtual reality headsets is restricted to people 13 years of age and over.
  • Do not wear glasses when using the virtual reality headset.
  • Wearing a virtual reality headset is not recommended if you suffer from prolonged sleep deprivation, or if you have migraines, earaches and other ailments. These can increase your sensitivity to adverse symptoms.
  • People prone to motion sickness are also more likely to experience discomfort when using a virtual reality headset.
  • It is recommended for pregnant women, the elderly and people with neurological disorders, abnormal binocular vision, seizure disorders as well as people with a pacemaker to consult a doctor before using a virtual reality headset.

If you feel unwell or if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to notify the stand staff.

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