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In order for the digitalisation of government services to provide added value for users, it must go hand in hand with administrative simplification and the adaptation of procedures, processes and exchanges between citizens, businesses and the State. To achieve this objective, the Ministry for Digitalisation, which has administrative simplification in its remit, is counting on citizens’ experience to simplify procedures in a participatory and co-creative way.

To this end, the Ministry for Digitalisation is proposing that all citizens get directly involved in this simplification approach by making available to them a platform dedicated to participatory administrative simplification, whose slogan reflects the concept: "For public services that make your daily life easier".

A participatory and collaborative approach

The platform, which places citizens and their personal experience at the centre of the whole development and simplification process, offers interested persons the opportunity to follow the projects being carried out on the platform step-by-step and to submit ideas or proposals for simplification or to supplement other users’ proposals. Users can also take part in surveys, vote for proposals or prioritise initiatives, and register for digital or face-to-face participatory workshops...

"Zesumme Vereinfachen" offers all functionalities for digital participation on all devices, including smartphones. People wishing to participate can do so in one of the four languages of the platform, namely French, German, English and also Luxembourgish.

Two launch projects

The first project offered users of and the opportunity to submit proposals for simplifying the procedures on those two platforms. To this end, a direct link has been added to all pages in order to guide interested persons to the participatory platform. The contributions collected in this way are analysed by the Ministry for Digitalisation and then processed or discussed with the administration(s) concerned by the proposal that has been submitted. Thus, any proposal can result in a new project which will then be discussed in more detail with the platform’s users.

The second project available at the launch of the platform concerns the mobile application and initially calls on its users to evaluate the mobile application and follow the process in order to provide their opinions and suggestions for future developments.

For more transparency

While the project concerning administrative procedures on is not limited in time, the project regarding the mobile application is presented in several phases, illustrated with a timeline.  This timeline provides full transparency on the project’s progress and deadlines.

The first phase of the app project consists of a user survey. Subsequently, users will be invited to give their opinion and suggestions for adaptations regarding the current functionalities of the application. In a third stage, they will then be able to express preferences about future functionalities by voting for their favourites. These responses will help prioritise the development roadmap.

For future projects proposed on the platform, the accompanying timeline will be adapted to allow for the most effective methods of contribution to each project. 

Get involved when you want and how you want!

In all cases, citizens have the choice to get involved in one or more phases of the project, at their own convenience. At no time are they committed to following a project from start to finish. A system of customisable notifications also keeps them informed of the progress of projects proposed on the platform. By subscribing to these notifications, interested persons will be made aware of new projects going online and may keep up with the progress of ongoing projects.

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