The app has been adapted following the entry into force of the 2G+ system

The application has been adapted following the entry into force of the 2G+ regime, set up by the Government in the fight against the health pandemic.

Addition of 2G+ functionality

An additional functionality has been added to the app in order to allow the control of CovidCheck certificates (EU DCC) within the framework of the 2G+ regime (vaccinated with a booster dose or vaccinated/revaccinated and negative test result).

From now on, when opening the application, checkers will be able to select one of the 4 functionalities of the app: travel, 3G, 2G and 2G+.

When scanning a CovidCheck certificate with the new 2G+ functionality, the app displays:

  • A green screen if the presented vaccination certificate is valid and attests to the administration of a 'booster' vaccination dose.
  • An orange screen if the certificate presented is either a valid recovery certificate or a certificate of a valid full primary vaccination without a booster dose. In this case the person will also have to present a negative test result of an antigen self-test performed on site or a valid test certificate (PCR test or certified self-test). For the validity check of the submitted test certificate, the 3G functionality of the application must be selected.
  • A red screen if the presented certificate is not authentic or valid or if it is a COVID-19 test certificate.

A video explaining the use of the 2G+ is available here: CovidCheck 2G+ Tutorial - YouTube.

Users who have not enabled the automatic application update feature on their phone can access the new version of the CovidCheck application by visiting the app store where they downloaded it from. It is also recommended to synchronise the app with the national system by going to the Settings of the app and then clicking on "Synchronise with the National Backend".

Press release by the Ministry for Digitalisation and the Ministry of Health

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